Oventrop Solar Hot Water

Heating water in your home is one of the most energy consuming demands you have. The cost to heat water in your home is likely to be 25 – 30% of your total energy costs; it will be higher if you have more than four people in your home. This may mean that almost half of your electric bill, or more than 40% of your gas or oil bill, will go towards your domestic hot water costs. Solar water heating is the easiest, most straight-forward way to use the sun to save both energy and money. A residential solar hot water system will reduce the energy you require to heat your hot water anywhere from 60 to 80%.

                                    Oventrop Solar Panel Installation                        Oventrop Solar Panels

Solar Hot Water

Your system is made up of:

Solar Collectors
A well insulated storage tank with a heat exchanger
Regusol unit: A circulating pump and control unit
Depending on the size of your family and your particular hot water requirements, you will need either one or two solar collectors.  To find out what your state and federal benefits are for “going green” click here.